United Nations careers

United Nations careers peculiarities

The United Nations organization has lots of noble aims, including poverty eradication, climate change combating, and human rights defending. People working for the organization are top-level professionals, all dedicated to their job and passionate about changing the world and people’s lives for better. The issues of the UN are as diverse and numerous, as career offers. The huge selection of …

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UNESCO jobs. Top priorities

UNESCO is a  is a unique branch of the UN, aiming at building peace through cooperation in culture, science, and education. In 2015, an Agenda 2030 was adopted by the UN, stating the developmental goals so UNESCO’s different programs help to achieve those goals. The main focus of the organizations is building peace, which is impossible without mutual understanding and …

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UNDP vacancies

UNDP vacancies. Types of offers

Founded in 1966, United Nations Development Programme is an organization that works in about 170 countries all over the world. Poverty eradication and inequalities reduction are among the main aims of the organization. Besides, the company supports countries in developing policies, partnering abilities, and leadership skills. There are three main areas UNDP is interested in: Peacebuilding and democratic governance Development …

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