UN salary scale

UN salary scale: how much will I earn?

Working for the UN, you will not only get a priceless experience, new knowledge, and skills but also you will be justly rewarded with numerous benefits and a competitive salary. The United Nations offers competitive salaries for all types of vacancies, but those working in professional and higher categories tend to earn more than the others. If you are interested in the UN salary scale because consider applying for a job, let’s have a look at salaries for different categories.

UN salary scale: professional and higher categories

As we know, people for these two categories are usually recruited internationally. So, your salary will depend on where you live and how much you spend on living (housing, food, etc.). Nevertheless, there is a base salary, the same throughout the UN. Different categories of workers get different salaries. So, if there are two men working in professional and higher categories, but one of them is an entry-level professional (P1-P3), and the other is a senior-level professional, their salaries will be different. As a rule, people get from 37,000$ to 123,000 US$. 

UN salary scale: general services

People for general services are usually recruited locally. So, choosing the position from the list of general services, you will get a salary according to a local salary scale. Speaking about other benefits, you will have up to 30 days of vacation each year. Besides, there are also 10 paid holidays. Health insurance is also included. 

UN salary scale

UN salary scale: national professional officers

Staff members working in this category are also recruited and paid locally, so salaries may be different. Salary scales are regularly reviewed, as the UN is trying hard to offer the best salaries possible to its members. Vacations, health insurance, and retirement pension are also included. But you should work for the organization for at least six months to become a Pension Fund participant.

UN salary scale: field services

People working in this category are recruited internationally, so the salary you’ll get depends on your duty station. As a rule, those working in this category are paid a minimum salary and a post adjustment. So, for entry-level Field Service staff, the salary equals from 31,000 to 54,000. Then, the salary for mid-career staff is from 44,000 to 68,000. And senior-level Field Service Staff professionals usually earn from 56,000 to 90,000 (US$). As it was already mentioned, there is also a post adjustment, which can be different, depending on where you live and work. 

UN salary scale peculiarities

In fact, the UN salary scale is a rather complicated thing. The salary you’ll get working for the organization depends on several factors, so let’s have a look at those:

  1. The category (either you are international or national staff)
  2. Type of the contract (there are different types of contracts, like long-term, short-term)
  3. Your duty station (your post adjustment also depends on this)

All in all, working for the UN you not simply earn the money, you help to change the world for better. What else one can wish?

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