UNDP vacancies

UNDP vacancies. Types of offers

Founded in 1966, United Nations Development Programme is an organization that works in about 170 countries all over the world. Poverty eradication and inequalities reduction are among the main aims of the organization. Besides, the company supports countries in developing policies, partnering abilities, and leadership skills. There are three main areas UNDP is interested in:

  • Peacebuilding and democratic governance
  • Development
  • Disaster and climate resilience

Nowadays, it’s possible for almost every person to find a job in the organization, so if you are ready to protect human rights (women rights, minorities, and so on) and eager to contribute to the well-being of the humanity, you may find it interesting to learn how to get a job in UNDP.

UNDP vacancies

UNDP vacancies. How to get a job?

If you feel ready to help people, you may try to get the job. UNDP vacancies are numerous and different, so it’s better to conduct research on what is offered. Besides, you should understand that some positions require special skills and many years of working experience. It’s better not to waste your time applying for the position you understand you won’t be chosen for. If you are completely sure that you are a perfect candidate for this or that job, you are welcome to go through the application process. It is not complicated but may take some time. 

  1. Register on the UNDP official website.
  2. Have a look at active UNDP vacancies and select the one you consider most suitable for you.
  3. Fill in all the information required (as a rule, you’ll have to provide some information about your working experience, education, training, and so on).
  4. Try your best to write a nice and convincing motivation statement
  5. Complete your references
  6. That’s it, you are ready now to submit your application!

UNDP vacancies: diverse and numerous

Looking for a job at UNDP, you will certainly find something to suit your needs and qualification. There are several job categories, so let’s have a more detailed look at those:

  1. Staff. There are three categories of such jobs: P (professional), D (director), and G (general). All of them require good analytical and communication skills. Besides, if you are going to apply for P or D positions, you should have at least some working experience (for some positions, it shouldn’t be less than 15 years), so be attentive. 
  2. Consultants/Individual contractors. Consultants are usually responsible for preparing documents, organizing meetings, and so on. 
  3. Service contractors. This option is used when hiring development project personnel (security, IT). Such people are usually hired locally.
  4. Internships. This is certainly one of the most desired categories, as many recent graduates and students are looking for opportunities for getting experience working in a global company. Besides, they are paid a stipend, which is also a big plus, as such programs are often not paid for.

As you can see, your options are plentiful. So, focus on your needs and abilities, stick to our instruction, and try to get a UNDP job. Just follow your heart!

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