UNESCO jobs. Top priorities

UNESCO is a  is a unique branch of the UN, aiming at building peace through cooperation in culture, science, and education. In 2015, an Agenda 2030 was adopted by the UN, stating the developmental goals so UNESCO’s different programs help to achieve those goals. The main focus of the organizations is building peace, which is impossible without mutual understanding and communication. So, UNESCO develops different educational tools, helps to provide people around the globe with qualitative education, and promotes equal dignity of all cultures. Besides, UNESCO promotes freedom of expression, considering it one of the main keys to democracy. The organization is constantly looking for talented individuals ready to work, so each person has a chance of getting a job in the UNESCO.


UNESCO jobs. Different career categories

As we know, the main tool of any organization is people, as without dedicated staff of the highest competence achieving missions is impossible. There are several career categories for applicants to consider:

  • International professionals. People for such positions are recruited nationally. There are many types of different jobs presented in this category, all requiring good education, communicative, and analytical skills. Besides, there is a Young Professional Programme for those who have recently graduated from college or university, so the working experience is not always essential.
  •  General service. Secretarial and administrative support are the main functions of this category. Such specialists are recruited locally. 
  • National professional officers. An advanced university degree and excellent knowledge of French and English, as well as at least several years of working experience, are the main requirements. Such people are recruited locally, performing functions at the professional level.
  • Project appointments. As a rule, such offers are of limited duration. To apply, the candidate must be a resident of the country where he/she will serve.
  • Temporary assignments. There are many types of temporary offers, such as short term contracts, temporary appointment, various offers for interpreters and translators.
  • Internships&volunteers. Practical work in a multicultural environment – that’s what you get choosing this career category. To apply, you must be at least 20, have excellent computer skills and knowledge of either English or French.

UNESCO jobs: how to apply successfully?

So, if you can’t wait to apply for one of UNESCO jobs, don’t be in a rush, as it is not as easy as it seems. You should take into account many factors not to waste your time and effort for nothing. So, what should one pay attention to applying for a job?

  1. Skills and experience. For some positions (especially professional ones) an applicant should have work experience and a certain level of education, so make sure you meet the criteria for the position you have chosen. 
  2. Language experience. For almost all UN positions, an applicant should be able to talk English and French. 
  3. Follow the instructions paying attention to details.
  4. Show your unique skills other candidates may not have, as it will be a huge plus for you.

So, use all your options and good luck.

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