United Nations careers

United Nations careers peculiarities

The United Nations organization has lots of noble aims, including poverty eradication, climate change combating, and human rights defending. People working for the organization are top-level professionals, all dedicated to their job and passionate about changing the world and people’s lives for better. The issues of the UN are as diverse and numerous, as career offers. The huge selection of options means that it will be possible for you to change your geographical locations, departments, functions, and even fields of work. So, you will find yourself working in a team consisting of people of different nationalities and backgrounds. Thus, your perspectives are great.

United Nations careers: main competences

The UN is constantly looking for talented and motivated people. So, if you want to help to protect people’s rights, want to serve humanity, and ready to travel a lot, the UN career is waiting for you. Dynamic, adaptable, honest, and active individuals are always welcomed in the UN. If you are in search of a job in the UN, you should have certain skills, knowledge, and values to make your work successful. So, what are the main characteristics the candidate should have?

  • Ability to work in a team. There is one goal, and people work together to achieve it. Besides, you can learn from more experienced people, which is also a benefit.
  • Client orientation. The company puts those it serves first.
  • Creativity. Improving different services and programs is impossible without being creative. There is always room for improvement, so innovative solutions are valued.
  • Ability to learn. If you want to become successful, it won’t be possible without personal growth.
  • Communication. Nothing is possible without communication, so all people looking for a job in the UN should have excellent communication skills.
  • Technological awareness. It is difficult to keep pace with continuously developing technologies, but the UN has various training and offers support.
United Nations careers

United Nations careers. Your options

In the United Nations, each person can find a job to suit his/her interests, lifestyle, and qualification. Your career here will fully depend on your decisions and effort. So, what one can choose from? You can choose between management, science, public information, administration, telecommunication technologies, and so on. As you can see, the options are diverse and plentiful, so you’d better research to be fully aware of all your options.

United Nations careers: various categories to select from

United Nations careers include different categories of workers. For each of them, there are certain requirements (such as previous experience, education, age, language knowledge, and so on). Categories include professional and higher categories, field services, national professional officers, general service and related categories, and senior appointments.

Salaries, as well as working requirements, are different. Besides, some positions require relocations, so the salary very often depends on the duty station. In any case, work for the UN is an incredible chance to understand who you are and get an experience impossible to get anywhere else.

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